I believe in the power of conversations

I believe in the transformational power of coaching

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My grandma has been my first coach.

In her presence and in the calm, non-judgmental space that she created, I could hear my own voice and felt seen, heard and supported.

The coaches that followed and helped me on my journey have all contributed to me coming closer to my essence, finding my mission and dare to chart my own path.

I coach because I believe that coaching is a gift. Someone’s presence and feeling seen and heard in that presence is the greatest gift that you can give someone. I feel like that through coaching, I am giving back the gift I have received and honoring the power of the conversation. 


Holistic and science-based coaching

My way of coaching is holistic and neuroscience-based, rooted in the Co-active approach.

"A Co-active coach will often encourage the client to explore both thoughts and feelings and to give voice to intuitive gut reactions.
This kind of attention helps integrate the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which not only opens up new solutions and creativity but also builds lasting connections that can be used for future problem-solving."

Creating change through trust and focus

We create a space of trust and safety in our conversations, where you can connect to your feelings at your own pace. We focus first on discovering and articulating your values and life purpose which creates space and frees your energy to focus on a compelling vision.

"Because the default in our brain is to go with the pathways that are already developed, it is difficult to change without focused, supported, intentional effort. Co-Active coaching brings this sort of focus and support, making it possible to literally help the client's brain rewire itself for greater effectiveness." (Ann Betz)

Would you like to know more?

If this sounds interesting, I invite you for a free, no strings attached conversation to discover
how you can take steps towards your dreams.

You can experience my coaching and see whether we are a good match to work together.

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The practical side - what, when, how?

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We set up our coaching based on the topics that you bring. Depending on what we find during our conversations, how deep the topic is and what it takes to change, we can work together for a shorter or a longer time.

I personally have seen and experienced myself profound transformations already after a couple of sessions and also after months of work.

My starting point is that in order to make a shift, we would go for at least two sessions. One session will be about working on your values/life purpose and another one for diving into the topic. It is wise to have about a week or two weeks in between the conversations so that the changes can be fully implemented in your life.

We could meet in three different ways:

  • online via Zoom – possible worlwide
  • via telephone – possible worldwide
  • in-person – in the Randstad, in The Netherlands

I am coaching people in three languges: English, Dutch and Hungarian.

After we decide to work together, you receive a confirmation from me, including details and a payment link.

If we agree to have a number of sessions, payment in installments is possible. The main thing is that the payment has arrived before the session commences.

If you are an entrepreneur and our coaching helps you in your business (which it likely does, as your are growing personally and professionally), you can include coaching as a business expenditure (it can depend on the financial laws of your country).

If you are working for a company, you can ask your supervisor or your HR department whether coaching can be covered from your training budget.

Any more questions? Just ask 🙂