On your path to healing

This is your place to reflect and to grow

Let's awaken your potential to heal yourself

and your relationship with your animals.

Because we have a great potential to heal
and to heal together.

Right now, you might be experiencing health difficulties...

... or you might be having a hard time related to your pet(s):

Are you are ready to make a change and step on the path of healing?

If yes, I can support you to:

Navigate your health situation and focus on healing yourself

Heal your relationship with your animal(s)

Create a healing space for your animal(s)

(available from the autumn of 2024)

Hi, I am Lilla.


Take your time to look around and see how these pages resonate with you. 

Whether you are looking to begin to heal yourself or heal your relationship with your animals, you are at the right place.

If would like to get in touch – I am just one message or email away!

Are you longing
to feel better?

I offer personal coaching for people who would like to take steps to feel better and are curious and ready to find out how they can heal themselves.

I know how it feels to fulfill other people’s expectations, instead of finding and honoring your own inner voice and building a life that is truly and only yours.

During our conversations, we create a safe and trusted space where you can be yourself, connect with what truly fulfills you and take action to make it a reality.

My way of coaching is:

  •  holistic: we take into account and integrate your thoughts, feelings and (spiritual) connections (brain, body & spirit). 
  • based on neuroscience: it will enable you to create peace and lasting change within yourself.
"Being coached by Lilla was an unforgettable experience.

Her energy is light, calming, playful, and joyous. Together we created a safe space, where I felt immediately comfortable to show up as my authentic self.

Lilla did an incredible job of keeping me focused on my topic,
and my desired outcome for the session.

It enabled me to pause and create a mindfulness around
my thought patterns, and the stories I was telling myself. When I noticed I was looping back towards intrusive thinking, she gently held me accountable to myself, enabling me to forge new neuro patterns in the moment. The internal shift from feeling in peril to becoming empowered was palpable!

Lilla’s curiosity and compassion for all that exists in the natural world is humbling.
Her empathy and laughter are contagious, and I am still gleaning gems from our session. I am honored by our time together, and for the transformation it inspired from the inside out."

Jessi W.

Would you like to grow
your organisation?

I am passionate about working with mission-driven organisations who would like to make a difference.

I offer consulting and interim services in the following areas:

  • Human Resources – professional development & learning
  • Communications
  • Sustainability
  • Project / Program management

Organisations I worked with

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Lilla.

I got to know Lilla as a very trustworthy, driven and warm person, whom you can count on.

As project manager, she has supported WNF to set up a new program (peer-to-peer fundraising). She has made a valuable contribution to the creation of the base infrastucture for this new program and has been managing a multidisciplinary project team.

Lilla showed that she has a lot of perseverance, she is committed and takes initiative.

She is treating relationships with care, has an enormous capacity to learn and focuses on cooperating with people.
Lilla is a real connector.

We learned a lot from her experience and knowledge on project management."
World Wildelife Fund logo WNF
Madelon Groenenberg
Senior Marketeer / Team Leader WWF The Netherlands (WNF)

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