About me

I love to explore and to learn about our inner worlds, what moves us as people and how can we live in alignment with our own voice and with all that lives around us.

A great journey has started when after a career in an international company, I have set out to walk my own path and started my own business 🙂

I enjoy that this adventure allows me to learn and took me to work with many organisations, most of them international non-profits.

After years of longing, I have also integrated my coaching experience into my work. I love to have conversations with people in any capacity (friend, journalist, coach,…) and have been blown away by the impact that coaching had on me and the changes I witnessed.

I am grateful that I can do (on most days) what I love: write, learn and share about personal and professional development and have impactful conversations.

If you would like to hear more about me or what I do, send me a message on LinkedIn or in email.



I am grateful for the opportunities that I have got in my life and that have enriched me: such as living, studying and working abroad, being part of different communities and working in different organisations and industries.


Some of my qualifications:


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